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Based in Cyprus, UnitMade is a web design, development and digital marketing company, with clients all around the world. We champion independent small and medium-sized companies, helping them to compete with the bigger players. From bespoke, mobile responsive website builds to performance-driven marketing campaigns, ongoing support and maintenance, we provide cutting edge solutions which inspire audiences to follow our ideas.

About UnitMade



We have a talented group of web designers, developers and digital marketing professionals with years of experience in building, growing and improving the online presence of startups and established companies alike. We execute each new project very carefully, always plotting a user-friendly and optimized experience. 

We are industry experts.

Our Philosophy

Perhaps the most important advantage we offer is that we have not forgotten what it means to face terms and problems that may be too technical for a client and therefore, we consider that we are much more understanding and helpful than many others, and we try to use a "normal language" in communication with any type of client.


Nowadays, unfortunately, working with a company specialized in creating sites, platforms or applications necessary for various fields of activity, implies a rather high degree of knowledge in the IT field from the applicants, in other conditions, the communication and the expression of the requirements being extremely difficult and causing a lot of confusion or problems of understanding. Which is neither normal nor acceptable to the client.


On many occasions you will be hit by the following phrase: "In order to satisfy your wishes, you must know exactly what you want!" Is that so? That is, when programmers go to a doctor and complain that something hurts, he will admonish them, reproaching them that they are not accurate in their requirements? Do they want to be operated on, or do they prefer to be treated with drugs? And then, if they do not know exactly the illness they are suffering from, how does the doctor understand what to do?

The mentality of the programmers and the advantage of a huge demand for technology on the market has caused this field to overturn the normal and healthy commercial values and rules of the market.


Do not let yourself be trapped in this treacherous game and ask exactly what your clients will ask you daily: "Our client... our master."

Let's do some MAGIC!

Let's do some MAGIC!

Let's do some MAGIC!

If you have a project in mind, we can use our expertise and bring your ideas to life!

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