No endless mazes

What can be more profitable for a company or freelancer than keeping you stuck with a project for months, pretending to work and complaining constantly that your requirements are unclear or too many?


Of course, when you draw their attention to inaccuracies and mistakes, they will reproach you that your observations, otherwise justified, are actually "changes" that will take time to be done and implicitly this will cause changes in the deadline (certainly already far exceeded.). So you have to pay, pay... pay!


Do not accept such situations. Do not accept to pay "per hour". The idea of hourly payment is very subjective and depends on how each of us perceives the working "speed" that characterizes us.


We are certainly not perfect either! But we are honest, and after working with us you will have the feeling that you have achieved exactly what you wanted... maybe even more.


There's no doubt about it!