Everything is possible

Whenever you want to do something special in the online environment, whenever you want to be more creative, more original, more "different" ... it is quite likely that designers and programmers to tell you: IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!


In fact, in 99% of cases...  IT IS ACTUALLY POSSIBLE. But they have already created standard ways of working, the so-called frameworks that once made, they want to sell them hundreds or even thousands of times without making any effort (other than the one to lie to you that your project takes them almost all the time, which is why, of course, you will be charged accordingly).


If you try to carefully study everything that the Internet means, you will notice a certain uniformization that ultimately leads to a ubiquitous pattern on almost all platforms, unfortunately taken up today including in the human behaviors of the new generations.


So... don't be discouraged if you want to be unique. It's possible... or at least we can try!